Let’s talk: Premature Love

Love.A strong force which binds this world together.Discovery of this force is not dated at all, as no newton or einstein could decode this piece of exublerence.

What happens when two people marry?Are they bound forever?But let’s go to those premature days when this “crush” and “Forever” words are used more commonly than “Mathematics” and “Physics“.

I wont underestimate premature love, but this early uprise of feelings is natural, regardless how small you are.

We get head over heels for someone!For me passing through that age and that hormonal imbalance was alright.We at this age  are crushed by Maths books more than girls.

Let’s date back to the time we have first crush on someone, for the first time you actually feel attached to someone.They might be your best friends or co-leagues.This upsurge brings a hault to your ever running train of life.You don’t know what you are going through but whatever you feel, it’s sure the other person runs all over your mind.

Practically, My experiences have been quite unsatisfying.This upsurge either builts you up, or will eventually destroy you.You are still in that “child” or “adolescent” mode of your life, where words like “love” ,”crush” and “attachment” are obscure and considered irrevalent.You are unintentionally set on a ship, which has lost it’s sails and you wander about in the open seas, finding a human settlement to save your life.

What will you do? Save your life? A normal human person or you at this timid age do this exact same thing. You feel you won’t leave this person for eternity, whereas eternity lasts only about a few days.You either loose them in a quarrel or due to some childish stupid excuses.I won’t say 100 out of 100 cases fail to reach the end goal, but rarely a few survive this battle.It’s fast pacing and comes like a breeze and goes away like a storm.The ones which do survive, the ones which help you grow and become something better, are then called ” legends” .

Premature love is a significant and common part in life of almost every individual.Some do survive like a hero in a strife and some just disappear with time, leading to breaking of friendships and no life long contacts in some cases.

These memories will be one day counted as one of the best, as enjoying school days was the best memory of your life.

 “Love either builds you up or destroys your existence.”

Regardless of premature love, true love either at any point in your life builds you up or destroys you, depending on your choice and decision.


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