Lets talk about stress, grief and depression!

Stress,pain,agony,melancholy,distress,unhappiness,sadness,misery are all different words to one root word ‘Depression’.

While science defines it as a condition of imbalance in neurotransmitters, leading to periods of utter distress and pressure. 

Always remember you are bigger than  your problems, nothing is impossible in your life! You show this world, a face but they dont accept it! You keep on changing and changing and changing but you realize that, eventually in the process of this ‘change‘ you lost yourself.

It’s my personal experience of loosing best friends, friend I could rely on for anything. I know now that a sorry won’t ever bring them back, but good change will. I am a guy who takes wrong decision and screws things up but what do you learn from me? Watch every step you take.
Imagine someone saying a speech about you when you die, will it be filled with hatred or you still recieve blessings after you are no more on this earth?

Depression is just a state where, you are paralyzed not physically but also mentally, the guilt in your heart makes you stop focusing on important things in your life, such as food.

If you are depressed because of you work, just relax and breathe in fresh air, start fresh and conIf you are dessed because of your appearance, which lowers your self-esteem. Let go of that fear, you are unique in your own way, realize that.

If you are sad because of a lossing someone you love, go and say to them, “Sorry, for what I have done uptil now, you mean alot to me”, and give them a tight hug.Things will be alright, gentlemen.

I can connect this to a story I read in an article,

There was a boy, who spent all his time doing creative stuff, creativity was just filled in his hand, somehow he got a bad company and unfortunately the guy was innocent and couldn’t understand.That company destroyed him, but at the end there’s a ‘messiah’ in his life, a person who is just more than a best friend and less than a girlfriend.Things are initially alright and things go smooth, but, there comes a villain, the antagonist in everyone’s life, called ‘time’.He doesn’t know what to do, he gets replaced, he cries, he sobs.He doesnot realize what was even wrong, was he or the girl at fault?Or was it the villain.Things become worst, now he has lost all hopes, the person who changed everything for him, is now no more a part of his life, he wants her but he feels helpless.The state which he goes is a perfect example of ‘depression’.He looses a person he could count on anytime.They don’t even talk now.

He goes for a replacement.Sadly, he fails miserably.

Always value the things you have, you have them now, tomorrow they might just disappear.Understand that you have only one life, don’t live it as per the society’s norms.Remember, you make the norms, and you follow it.Keep on changing and focus on growth.

“Don’t get too philosphical, it’s a common side effect of depression.Instead, enjoy and live life like it was your last day.”


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