Why is keeping things inside destroying you!

Well, let me just say this in one line, “Let all the pages of your book open.”

Take an example of a spongy object, keep it under a running tap, and wait for sometime.Wait for that saturation point where it can hold no more water.Now, try to pour water over the saturated sponge object.Will it take in more water?

No, it won’t right?Out heart is made up of arteries and veins but acts like that sponge object.It’s so feeble to break someone’s heart as if it was a lego toy.I have always talked about the biggest villian in my life “Time”, over and over again.In this case time worsens situations.If something bad happens and you keep it in your heart for a long time, this can actually be compared to a drop of water.Even a very small drop of water, if falls regularly for days, fills a bucket and eventually leads to water overflow.As small as the problem might be, these small problems when kept inside your heart for a long duration fills the bucket, in this case your “heart”.Everyone has some people with whom they are free to share things.As unlucky as you might be, you will always have a few people you can trust.

Warning: Stop behaving rudely to the people who genuinely care for you!They might be harsh but at the end all they want is for you to prosper!

By doing the thing I mentioned above, you fill their “bucket”.On severe investigation, I found out that the main cause for people to get sad is keeping people’s mistakes in mind!

I have always said, count the 998 good things over the 2 bad things in anyone.People loose close friends and relatives, families are destroyed.

What is the solution to this “keeping in heart” thing!

The only solution is talk.Don’t become a extrovert or stay introvert.The right way to say this is stay “ambivert”.Act according to the situations.

A few tips to heal and reconnect the broken strings.

  1. Well, if you are sad about anything in your life, music is first thing I would recommend.
  2. Dance, yes plug in the stereos and get ready to rock the dance floor.Dance like no one is watching you.
  3. Singing alongwith music helps alot.
  4. If all of them fail, ink will never betray you.Write out your problems.This makes it look simpler and easier.It’s author’s recommended way.

 “You are the creator of your own destiny, its always you.”

It’s your decision to get out and step out of this sad mess or go deep into it.

Remember, you are not less than anyone on this earth.Feel free to say what you want in the comments and even on my social accounts.

And for people who have no friends, the author who wrote this blog post is always your best friend.Tell me your problems 🙂 🙂


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