The world has broken!

In the realm of freedom, we are more often chained.Freedom, contrary to the popular belief is not bieng able to walk and run around,it’s also bieng able to talk and express oneself.

Today, I have less words to write, more of the feelings will come out.The world we live in is so rythmic and partial.

1 million die commit suicide every year, 21 million are kidnapped every year in modern-day-slavery,out of these 14 million are exploited for slavery, 4.5 million are exploited sexually, the rest 3.5 million are killed, cut and sold!16 year old’s are loosing virginity,14 year old girls are getting pregnant everyday.

1,000,000 rape cases are approximately recorded each year, out of which maximun lead to rape plus murder.33,000 murder cases have been recorded in India and  7% in a million people are murdered in United States every year.According to Reports, the Drugs smuggling industry is approximately worth 321 billion dollars in 2003.The most sold drugs are cocaine,cannabis,crystal meth,heroin and marijuana.”Dark web” remains the best way to supply and smuggle drugs.

Pic: Christopher Coke, A drug lord of Honduras.

See the world around you, nothing in a proper order, 7 yr olds are swearing, 9 yr olds are getting brutally raped, before they even have heard the word “molestation” in their life,Kids are sending nudes, kids are getting bruised and beaten by the teachers, thousands of students commit suicide due to this pressure which our society has created.Thousands of kids are being bullied for various reasons, parents are divorcing everyday.Teens are smoking weed, many end up in rehabilitation centres.

That 14 yr old is drinking beer, and that 16 yr old boy has got a girl pregnant.A little soul has kills herself, nobody seems to care.Women are molested and disrespected.Millions of animals are slaughtered,poached,hunted for money.

Human activities have led to destruction, this incessant and unceasing greed for money.

Pic: The 9/11 attack on Twin towers.

The world is progressing towards the Third World War, 1000’s of nuclear missiles threaten this world.America is fighting Syria. ISIS, Boko Haram, Lashkar-e-taiba are killing innocent people in the name of Islam.

The world is divided and dividing each day, the strings which connect this world are breaking.The candle which has lit this world up is flickering and one day we will have to pay for this and it will be too late before we understand.

“If there is a Fourth World War, it will be fought with Sticks and stones.” -Albert Einstein

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We together gotta do it, or be ready to face the consequences!


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