Let’s Talk: Best Friends!

How many friends do you have?500 on facebook? 20 in real life?

Well, ‘BFF’ was a term assigned to “friends” who were more than “friends”.Climbing up this social ladder, A two best friends start as strangers, then friends and after spending days and nights, chatting with each other till  4.a.m. 🙂

They accredit themselves as Bestfriends, and generally share a connection or bond which is solely for a non- selfish purpose!

It was back in 1990s when terming your very close friends as “just friends” seemed unrealistic.Hence, the word “Best friend” came into bieng.

But are Best friends and friendship declining at a rapid rate?

Let me take you back 2 million years when No homo sapiens(Modern day human species) existed.

Our ancestors namely Homo erectus, were at a rapid age of evolution.

Pic: Homo erectus hunting

With this fast pacing evolution and growth, Our brains grew sharper each coming day.We realized that hunting is group of four people was 400% more effective than hunting alone.Thus, humans formed communities .They gathered hunted, first time humans discovered the feeling of love for the opposite gender.People now felt a whole lot safer.

This bought the new concept of “companionship” and “friendship”.

Is friendship in 21st century more of a show?

With the launch of apps like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, friendship rates have been declining rapidly.We spent more time chatting with our friends online than meeting them in person.Its takes us away instead of bringing us closer.

Back then people use to go on long tours and picnics, now there is a swarm of selfies uploaded on Instagram after every single meet.

We have become digital, but this shouldn’t destroy what we have created millions of years ago.

What else, BFF jealousy?

For people who have annoying girlfriends, jealousy is a normal thing.But does BFF jealousy exist? Yes, it does exist.

Why do friendships break?

Personal experience here, It breaks because of stupid reasons.

Does Forever word suit BFF’s?

I mean imagine, you and your best friend sitting at the end of the road, both wrinkled and watching old photos. That mesmerizing experience is rare.

Few lines to sum up!

Friends are the one who at every step of your life help you get a step ahead of themselves and not push you down.They care and shout at times, but, At the end count on you for everything in life.

Friends were made for us to share our daily life, lighten our mood and give us hopes.Imagine sharing those wierd things with your parents once!You just cant! 😂
I, touched a totally different topic today.This Let’s talk session was a small one.

Wait for my next blog post, Until then, See ya.
          This Blog post dedicated                                    TO                                 My Best Friend “Sruchi

                  And Aayushi.


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