A night in November!

My whole purpose to write this blog has been to motivate people who have fallen in life by gathering up my thoughts and experiences and create better, smarter and hardworking people!

So, It was a quite normal day, in my not-so-quite normal life, it was 8th nov and had been 3 months since I found a new best friend! I can’t mention her name for personal reasons but let’s call her angel, atleast thats what I called her!It was a fantastic day until one car accident changed a little and innocent child into a crying machine! 

I do remember the day, the wounds are still fresh, this little kid who then use to play cricket and fool around with friends, now locked up rooms and sat silently crying in a corner! This innocent child experienced loss for the first time, and this loss wasn’t what I learnt in my maths class, it was a real life lesson! It was not a theoritical concept but a practical experience! Irony was none of my parents even noticed it! It was such an underrated event in the house! With this demise came a tsunami of periods of depression, crying, anger , regret bad company and low grades.

Believe me, the post I wrote about sadness and grief was a personal experience.

Trust me life is like a credit card, everyone has to pay and clear their debts.Mine was paid off in such a way.This event made my thinking more radical and slow. I started thinking about everything in life, grew into a baller.

When I lost that best friend of mine, for the first time, I saw the dark side of life.I felt lonliness and anxiety.I felt scared to loose people and till-date, feel scared.That incident made me value each and every person in my life.I had lost many things, but I gained what many wish to get.

I didn’t see her after that day, that smile and that cute poems she made for me, those were worth trillions of rupees for me!

That incident also made me a part time writer and poet, I started writing poems and focused on English language! This engraved decent writing skills in me and here I am writing this blog post today.

Yes, my life uptil now has been a little bit tradegy-ish but everyone has a dark part in their life, mine just was meant to be this one!

Just like angel, I am not ready to loose any person in my life! Everyone has their own part to play.

I know angel was cross with me before she went silent but hope she is somewhere up there watching her best friend grow and become a stronger person! As legends say dead people turn into stars, and I know she has turned into the brightest star! 

After she went, many people entered my life and went away in a flash, I cared to rescue some while I left the fake ones. 

Many people think I am too deepthinking, introvert and philosophical person but it is that when you see the part of life I saw, things like loosing your loved ones eats you from within! I am just as human as everyone is!

Now,I have moved on towards a better life, with better people and better jobs but that 8th November night chills me and reminds that life is pretty unexpected!

This also reminds me of a quote I wrote myself,

“Don’t rewind time or fast forward the future, play the melodious present”- Saurav Rai


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