How to get good at communicating!

This is for everyone, whatever culture you belong to, communication” binds us all. I mean I have personally seen people who are damn hot, sexy hair and biceps like Dwayne Johnson, but, when they open their mouth, it basically stinks.

Look, don’t confuse communication with bragging your english skills.

Note: I am not going to teach you english.

Communication is getting the person in front of you interested in talkin to you. 

Communication is important for both naukri  and chokri.(Rofl😂)

Well, communication starts with some basics techniques. Let me list a few down below:

Stop being self centered. Yes, The worst thing I would advice you to do is tell the number of zeros in your bank account.No one cares about a self bragging person. You sound dumb.

Give people an ear. Don’t take the literal meaning and donate your ears.😹 What I mean to say is “Listen more than you speak.” Gentlemen, It is so weird when people just keep on talking. Take a pause, let the other person say smthing too. Personally, people who keep on talking endlessly are not my favourite ones( Exception-cute girls 😂).Basically everyone likes to convey themselves and get heard.

Eye contact. This one is specifically for guys, don’t “stare” at a girl in the name of eye contact. It is a major part of both growing confidence  and Communication skills.  Eye contact is really hard to maintain, unless your crush is nearby😂.Well, by eye contact I meant, a look directly into their eyes while talking to them for a few seconds then divert your eyes somewhere else and then again at them. You are going really good unless the other person doesn’t find it creepy and uncomfortable.

Be an interesting person to talk to.For example, If your friend approaches you and says about a cricket match he watched recently, don’t react as if you are doing a favour to him by listening to his words and say “Ohh, nice nice.” I mean you just ended the conversation with those three words. You seriously strapped off the other persons energy level! 

Your reply should be something like this,”What? Seriously? Which match? Who won??” This will actually make the person who confronted you damn happy. Talk a little and end conversation if the conversation irritates you at all. Make sure, the ending is not abrupt.

Ask How, where and why. Ever wondered why kids are so curious? They have a question ready for every answer of yours.But this trait of questioning things fades away as soon as we hit adulthood! We are like Chalta hai and chalne do na. We seem so uninterested and that practise of questioning things is almost faded. Great things happened when the questions like why and how  were asked. My friends, it’s interesting to ask questions.

Basic mannerisms. Let’s jump back to Junior kg. when we all heard this word manners for the first time. Some people still don’t know what it means. Saying things like “Thank you” and “Sorry” won’t cost you anything.

Develop a sense of humor. Let me get straightforward for this one. Serious guys who acts like Greek Gods suck! I have seen some girls who think they look mysterious when they stay quiet. It destroys your overall personality.

Choose between a funloving person or a serious and wrinkled statue? Funlovers are a priori. I mean I myself love to have fun and take things lightly. Not every single moment of your life should be spent with a serious attitude. You have got one life to live, enjoy.

Well, the laughter equation is Tragedy plus time equals comedy.Well if you are tragedy, don’t worry I am planning to do one post related to sense of humor too.

Well, for the ones who have a decent sense of humor, don’t become a Joker and second but the most important thing, don’t hurt people’s intensions when you try to make people laugh.

Eradicate the silence factor. Who likes a person who is silent. Don’t you pretend think of that person as an egoist or rude fella? Everyone does.

“No saurav, you said we should talk less!” Mahn oh mahn! I never told you to convert into a statue.Participation is the key.

Share things which interest you and listen to other peoples likings. 

Learn a foreign language. Let it be french, spanish or german. Learn atleast one of ’em. It helps you in many ways! Constant improvement my friends.

Become an Ambivert. Heard about extroverts and introverts? If not then let me tell you, Introverts are a section of shy people who don’t mix up too much, stay lowkey, understated most of the time and extroverts are totally the opposite. Well, I am an ambivert, not too much not too less. I talk as per my surroundings. (Except I talk rubbish when I am with my best friends😂)

Know when to talk and how much to talk.

Practise, Practise and Practise. It’s ok if you fail a few times but keep on trying. one day you will become Einstein at communicating for sure.

But always remember this quote :

” Your toungue is sharper than a knife.” – Anonymous.

Well, Thats pretty much the basics to get your dice rolling. Go out and vow to improve yourself.

Well, if I missed something, feel free to leave a comment and smash the like button if this post truly helped you.


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