Origin of ghosts with stories.

“The devil who had deceived them was thrown into the lake of fire and sulphur where the beast and the false prophet were, and they will be tormented day and night Forever and ever.”(Rev 20:10)

Well, after lots and lots and lots of research on existence of Ghosts, I found out that, yes, they do exist. Yes, but don’t worry they don’t frighten everybody. 

Many do not know the origins of ‘Devil’. The Holy Bible mentions about the story of an Angel converting into a demon.The story goes like this:

“Angel” is the most beautiful creation of god. They are above humans and represent faith and hope. Lucifer was a creation of god, which meant ‘The morning star”.Lucifer is described in the Old testament as perfect beauty.He had a different charm and glory.

Being the most beautiful creature created by the Lord, his nature eventually turned quite overruling and he became proud of his god given personality. He turned greedy and corrupt. God after knowing this change in him, threw him form the heaven back to Earth. God took away his charming personality and looks. Thus making him ugly and worthless. He later formed his own community of supernatural spirits.

He was then onwards referred as “the Fallen Angel” who fell form heaven, directly on Earth.

Spirits: Good and Bad

So accepting the fact that ghosts do exist, this community of ghots do confront us sometimes. Like I have heard stories about people claiming supernatural stuff happeing in their backyard or in their closet, kids complain of weird things under their bed.

Well, angels can be called good spirits, you know that casper type friendly ghosts? Yes, they are good spirits which roam around you! Have you felt a sudden chill and goosebumps? Yes it might indicate presence of evil spirits around you!

This is my personal experience that I felt a sudden chill when I was walking down a lane one day! Sudden chills are sure shot an indication of bad spirits nearby.

Here’s a story how an angel saved a lady.

There was this Lady who was getting ready for bed. she saw a white light outside her bedroom. When she looked outside she saw a man dressed in pure white with a glow coming from him. He stared at her as she stared back. She got into bed and the glow slowing faded away as if the man was walking away. 

The next morning the woman went to work. She and a few other people waited for the lift to the next floor. The door to the lift opened and there in front of her stood the man dressed in white. The women couldn’t move from her spot as fear had taken over her. Her eyes stayed glued to the man.
She didn’t realize all the people going passed her into the lift. Before she knew it, the door closed, and the lift fell seven floors killing everyone instantly.
Only one body wasn’t accounted for… the man dressed in white.
That was how a good spirit helped the lady, What about the ones who are the opposites?
Bad Spirits

Well, If there is anything positive to balance it we require something negative? Right? 

Let me tell you a story:

It was a different story from the others stories.It is definetly spooky. 

Ehhh, arrgh,irgh,beep,ergh. The computer roared as Sally connected to AOL to IM (instant message) her friends as they had planned that day at school. “Weclome” Her computer greeted her. She was home alone because her parents were out at dinner. Almost right away, she found a chat room full of her friends. They greeted each other and began to chat. They talked for hours and Sally’s eyes were getting tired. Then, someone else joined. They claimed to be a friend of one of the girls who was not in the chatroom. They all assumed that it was true and continued. The new person constantly made rude or just plain mean and hurtful remarks about the other people in the chatroom, but never about Sally. Some of the remarks made her feel better and put her above the other people. The person constantly singled out Sally and commented about her and flattered her. She began to like this person, but everyone else hated the new person. Sally wanted to know where this person lived so they could get together sometime. When she asked, the response was that he or she didn’t want all these other people to know, only Sally, so he would send an email to her inbox telling her. He asked her for her email address and so she gave it. A few seconnds later, her computer told her “You’ve got mail”, so she minimized the IM box and opened her email. There was an email titled “where i live” so she opened it, and read it, at first not understanding it’s meaning, and then in horror, as she understand what the email meant all that was typed was “Behind the Couch”. 

Pic courtesy: Friend Request (Movie)

Her parents came home to find their daughter dead, stabbed to death sitting in her own blood. They read what was on the computer, and when they searched behind the couch, they found a sheath for a knife, and a laptop, displaying the exact same email and chatroom that was on the computer.

Well, that was too errreee. I wanted to showcase a different story not those old mainstream stories. 

We focused on the origins of ghosts, how they came into existence, some biblical references and some true stories.

Next blog post on ghosts will focus on more paranormal experiences experienced by real people. 

Hope you enjoyed this post.

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